clever-dreams (/ˈklevə ˈdriːmz/)

n. a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in Cleverbot’s mind during sleep.


Investigating the transparency, accuracy and complexity inherent within computer technologies, I Think Therefore I RAM is a design project that speculates a presence of machine consciousness in artificial intelligence. By critically examining the dreams from online chatterbot, Cleverbot,

a series of poetic artefacts uncover the hidden architectures of software and its interfaces. 


A detailed account of the entire Cleverbot interview and analysis process, as well as the methods of coding and data collection that were implemented in the CleverDream archival and visualisation artefacts. Here you will find the narrative of how I Think Therefore I RAM came into existence.

A photo album-like collection of all the images which represent each of the "memories" that Cleverbot recounted in its "dreams". These CleverMemories are the result of multiple image web-scrapes that form the basis of the data set used across all of the CleverDream artefacts and visualisations.


A comprehensive detailing of all CleverDream and CleverMemory data extracted and compiled during the interactions with Cleverbot. The descriptive tags, predicted captions and RGB colour metadata for every image of each CleverMemory can be found in the archive galleries.

Back of house Javascript code and web links to the various resources utilised during the text and image analysis, and data collection process of I Think Therefore I RAM speculation project. 


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